Episode 36: Dreaming Of A Better YM w/ Robbie Mackenzie (part 1)

036 - Dreaming Of A Better Youth Ministry w/ Robbie Mackenzie (part 1)


In episode 36, Eric interviewed Robbie Mackenzie (part 1 of this interview) about his youth ministry journey and a recent blog post (http://www.robbiemack.co/dreaming-better-way-youth-ministry/) where Robbie forecasts what he thinks youth ministry will look like in the future. 

This interview was split into two parts due to the length of the interview. You can listen to part 2 of this interview in episode 37 (http://adventuresinministry.com/ympodcast/037).

Show notes for this episode can be found at adventuresinministry.com/ympodcast/036.

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Episode 35: Planning & Tracking A Youth Budget



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In episode 35, Eric & Andrew discuss how to plan and track a youth ministry budget. Andrew said it best... "I love youth ministry, but I hate youth budgets". Most of us would agree. So listen to learn how to better plan and keep up with your youth ministry budget. Also check out the show notes for a PDF and Excel file of Eric's youth budget that you can use to plug in your numbers.

Eric's Youth Budget - PDF

Eric's Youth Budget - Excel

Episode 33: Purpose In Your YM

033 - Purpose For Your YM

In episode 33, Eric & Andrew discuss the importance of having purpose & vision in youth ministry. They give tips and advice on why and how to create a purpose / vision statement. Plus they talk about how that purpose statement affects everything you do in youth ministry. 

Also Andrew mentions a new project he's working on with his brother, Philip, called The Clues Brothers. Visit their Facebook Page for more info (www.facebook.com/cluesbros).

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Episode 32: Following A YM Legend w/ Jason Helton

032 - Following A YM Legend w/ Jason Helton

On episode 32, we were able to interview Jason Helton. Jason is the youth minister at the Madison Church of Christ in Madison, AL. He followed a guy who was very successful in youth ministry, who he still works with. We talk about what it's like to follow a legend, how to establish a family-based youth ministry, and life in general.

Episode 30: How To Be An Effective Bible Class Teacher

On episode 30, Eric & Andrew give some tips on how to be a more effective Bible class teacher, plus they share some of their favorite websites where they get some Bible class material & ideas. 

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  • Know your audience.

  • Have fun.

  • Listen to other teachers / preachers.

  • Balance textual study with application.

  • Give them something they can do.

  • Teach to all different types of learners.








Episode 29: Developing Student Leaders w/ David Baker

On Episode 29, Eric & Andrew interview youth ministry guru David Baker about how to develop student leaders. David also shares some great resources with us. You can find those below. 


Here are some great resources that David Baker shared with us...

Click here to view / download Activity Planning Teams document

Click here to view / download Youth Group Ideas document

Click here to view / download Activity Planning Teams Illustration document