Episode 56: Tech Trends w/ Chad Landman

Episode 56: Tech Trends w/ Chad Landman

In episode 56, Eric has the opportunity to interview Chad Landman, Education Minister at the Graymere Church of Christ. Eric & Chad talk about tech trends that are affecting teens and parents. Chad gives some advice on how best to use tech, and some trends that parents need to be aware of. Chad is a repeat guest on The YM Podcast from episode 20 & 21 (a two-part interview). 

Apps Recommended for Parents:

1) Life360 (https://www.life360.com/)

2) Check your service carrier options to monitor your child's device

3) Amazon Freetime Unlimited (https://www.amazon.com/Amazon-FreeTime-Unlimited-Monthly-Subscription/dp/B01I499BNA)

4) OurPact (http://ourpact.com/)

5) 4Parents (www.4parents.com)


Check out Chad's Active Digital Parenting Seminar (http://www.chadl.co/adp)


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