Episode 25: Running Successful Parent Meetings

In episode 25, we are talking about running successful parent meetings. And we promise it's possible.



  • Share about running a terrible parent meeting…

  • Advertise this meeting at least 4 weeks out if you want parents to come.

  • Yearly Vision Meeting

    • what we communicate in meeting

    • what can be communicated in email

    • sometimes you will need emergency parent meetings

  • Parent meetings before big trips 

  • Be concise. Don’t waste time.

  • Communicate your vision & your purpose.

  • Don’t ask for input on how well parents think you’re doing your job.

  • Remember this is not a planning session.

    • Create a smaller group of parents & teens to help with planning.

    • Be open to ideas, but guard your time and stand up for your purpose & vision.

  • Ask for all ideas to be emailed.

  • Give parents ways they can help & be involved.


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