Episode 14: Secrets to Running Successful Retreats

Episode 14: Secrets to Running Successful Retreats


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  • Dream big.

  • Think outside of the box.

  • Collaborate/Dream with someone else.

  • Plan well. In advance.

  • Determine a purpose (not just a theme) for your retreat. (A good retreat theme and title are important, but without a purpose it means nothing)

  • Make it STICK! (Make it something that doesn’t just last throughout the retreat...a good retreat, a successful retreat sticks...it accomplishes your purpose behind the retreat both while away and when you return home)

    • Send them home with a reminder of the retreat.

  • Get a lot of other people involved.

  • Other Ideas: Chaperone meeting (what I expect out of them); create opportunities for your chaperones to grow and share too (they will grow just as much as the kids if you give them opportunity and that will benefit your ministry so much...they will want to come back)

  • Create opportunities for your students to share together.

  • Create opportunities for your students to learn experientially.

  • Create opportunities for personal growth.

    • IDEA: Prayer walk

  • Pray.



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