Episode 10: Interns w/ Andrew Howell

Episode 10: Interns w/ Andrew Howell

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  • If you hadn’t become a YM, what would you be?

  • Tell us an intern horror story…

  • Why hire interns?

    • Ministers need training.

    • If you hire someone from your congregation, after 2 years encourage them to intern somewhere else?

  • What’s your interview process?

    • Try to find the best fit for your youth group, someone who’s been a leader in their youth group.

    • Candidates should write a letter to YM & elders why they want to intern with your church that summer. Letters should be turned in by Thanksgiving.

    • From Thanksgiving to Jan. 1, interview each candidate. Then name(s) of those chosen are brought to the elders by Feb. 1st.

    • Once intern(s) are hired, send them a job description/expectation sheet, summary about church, and contract they sign for the elders.

  • What jobs/responsibilities do you give interns?

    • Help lead trips and activities.

    • Have them write a letter to the students in your youth ministry. Guy intern to all the guys...Girl intern to all the girls.

    • Guy to teach at least 6 classes & preach once during summer.

    • Girl to plan girls retreat, some girl only events. Guy to plan one guys event.

    • Their main job is build relationships with students.

    • 2 books they are supposed to read. Books can change each summer. Plus a journal they should write in about their experiences during the summer.

      • One book for YM, one for life skill

      • “Crucial Conversations” by Kerry Patterson

      • “In a pit with a lion on a snowy day” by Mark Batterson

      • “You Lost Me” by David Kinnamon

  • Are there any “rules” that you give your interns? If so, what are they?

    • Ask elders, youth deacon, etc.

    • Have an ongoing conversation with interns about what is expected of them.


    • No dating between intern and teens. Guy and girl intern not allowed to date each other.

    • Set the example all of the time.

  • What is the benefit from hiring a female intern?

    • A blessing to your female students.

    • Girl-specific events

    • Relationship they build with someone setting a good example...especially a college student setting the example.

    • We, as male YM’s, will not have the kind of relationship that a female intern can have.

  • What boundaries do you set as a result of having a female intern?

    • Make sure your wife is comfortable with hiring a female intern first.


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