Episode 8: Evangelism in YM w/ Philip Jenkins

Episode 8: Evangelism in YM w/ Philip Jenkins

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  • Tell us about some of the recent success that you guys have had at Mt. Juliet.

    • 49 baptisms in 2013 among youth group age students

  • Was there a turning point in your youth ministry where you and/or your teens became a lot more evangelistic?

    • First turning point was changing the way he thought about YM, utilizing volunteers and parents, etc.

    • February 2012 - studying the book of Acts, when the widows were being neglected. How the widows felt, how the apostles felt. Showed the video about Esmond Green, who died in the waiting room of the hospital while others are watching her, and no one helps her. Even hospital security. This illustration prompted discussion about neglect in the youth group.

    • The Lunch Ladies - group of students who are willing to fill awkward so others don’t have to. They greet every guest, make sure no one sits alone, and pour into others.

    • Document about Lunch Ladies?

  • Tell us about the little booklets that you guys use (or have used in the past).

    • “God Speaks Today” -- personal evangelism booklet by Jerry Jenkins. 5 lessons. (call Roebuck Parkway COC to get the booklet)

    • “Choosing God” and “Chosen” booklets. From Evangelism University. Blue book sets up a bible study, and the white book is used to guide the bible study.

    • “One Question” or “The Question” -- new booklet used by Mt. Juliet COC for campaign in Mt. Juliet (12questions.net)

    • “Choosing God” and “Chosen” booklets can be purchased from Mt. Juliet (Creative Graphics in Lebanon, TN).

  • What role do your adults & volunteers play in the overall evangelism of your YM? What are some ways you guys utilize adults & volunteers in the YM?

    • “We’ve got to do our part to let them have a part.”

    • Cocoon leaders - small group leaders on Wednesday nights. They facilitate discussion after the lesson on Wednesday night. Connect with students outside of church.

    • Deacons who work a lot with the middle school.

    • The elders sit down with every person who’s been baptized to let them know who the elders are, they are there for them, etc.

  • What are some ways you have found to get teens excited about evangelism?

    • Teens need to be able to celebrate together.

    • Brag on your students when they invite a friend to a retreat or activity.


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You are doing a great work in youth ministry.