Episode 7: Ways to Prevent Burnout From A Busy Summer

Episode 7: Ways to prevent burnout from a busy summer

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DISCUSSION: Why is burnout in YM a problem, especially because of summer?

  • Smarteryouthministry.com says 40% of YMs are burned out right now, and 47% of YM spouses are burned out because of our jobs.

  • Being gone from your family too much

  • Not taking enough time off, working too much

  • Fatigue

  • Stress

  • Increased workload & less time to get everything done

DISCUSSION: What are some things you've done and still do to prevent burnout from a busy summer?

  • Don't waste time. Be as productive & effecient as possible.

  • Take a day or two to rest and spend time with your family after being gone on a trip.

  • When you're home, be home.

  • Plan your summer calendar with your spouse.

  • Stick to your calendar. Don't fall into the trap of doing everything your students want to do bc they are out of school and have a lot of time on their hands.

  • Go on a family vacation. (Kadee and I book end our summer with vacations)

  • Be honest with your eldership about burnout.

  • Remember to take care of your soul...in the summer we are so stretched thin that a lot of times we spend all of our time taking care of others and planning trips and making sure everything goes smoothly that we forget about our lives.


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