Episode 5: Ministering With & To Parents

Episode #5 — Ministering with & to parents of teens (engaging parents as allies)



“Parents are the first and greatest youth ministers.”

Why is it important for parents to get involved in your youth ministry?

“Most teenagers and their parents may not realize it, but a lot of research in the sociology of religion suggests that the most important social influence in shaping young people’s religious lives is the religious life modeled and taught to them by their parents” (Sticky Faith).

  • How do I get parents on my team?

    • Be a Cheerleader for Their Kids

    • Give Their Kids Attention

    • Brag on Their Kids

    • Brag on the Parents to the Kids

    • Be Organized

    • Have an Open Door Policy (welcome to attend any youth group meeting or activity)

    • Encourage

    • Be a Faithful Follower of Jesus

  • Communication

    • First step in good communication in any relationship is getting to know the person...so get to know your parents. (take them to lunch, visit them at home)

    • QUICK TIPS: Early communication is better communication, Don’t communicate through your students,

    • Overcommunicate (What kind of things should we communicate?)

    • Communicate your vision for the YM. (Teach a Class, not on parenting, but on your Youth Ministry and why they are important and how they can be used, annual meeting)

    • Ask them how their kids are doing.

    • Ideas for Communicating?? Create a Parents Page on Your Website, Parent Newsletter, Parent Email Group, Parent Text Group


  • Be intentional.

    • Parental involvement doesn’t happen by accident.

    • Show specific areas where parents can be involved.

    • Let Parents know what you expect of them.

    • What are some ways that we can get parents involved in our youth ministries?

  • Be patient.

    • It takes time to build parents’ trust.

    • The younger you are, usually the longer it takes.

    • Another part of patience: What if parents simply don’t want to get involved with the youth ministry? Don’t have the time, don’t care, or don’t think their kids want them there. Just be patient and dont give up on them.

  • Pray for parents.

    • If you aren’t a parent of a teen, you have no idea what they are going through.

    • Have your students pray for their parents???


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