Episode 4: The AIM Project

Episode 4 -- The AIM Project



  1. “Welcome to I’m a YM, a podcast by youth ministers, for youth ministers”

  2. This podcast is a part of The AIM Network (adventuresinministry.com)

  3. Introduce us

  4. Big announcement -- new website launching on Friday at 11am CST, everything that is AIM will be found on one website (Network, Project, and some really exciting stuff coming soon)

  5. Big apology -- bad links on Eric’s old blog

  6. Big bucket list moment -- Andrew went to see the Cubs at Wrigley field, tell us about it; Eric went to Pelicans-Thunder game


  1. History of The AIM Project

  2. Our goal for the AIM Project

    1. 12 teaching series

    2. 11 devotionals

    3. 1 retreat package

    4. 2 camp themes

    5. 1 games package with about 10 games in it

    6. New content added weekly

  3. Today we want to talk about some series on The AIM Project and how we’ve used them. Give you some ideas on some fun stuff to do with these series, ideas to make them more impactful with your group.

Eric’s series:

  1. That Awkward Moment

  2. Top 5 Psalms

Andrew’s Series:

    1. Little gods

    2. “Let Your Colors Show” Spring Retreat



  1. Thanks for listening today. The AIM website is down right now, but on Thursday you will be able to access today’s show notes.

  2. Just for our listeners, send us an email to theaimstuff@gmail.com and we will send you a link to download Eric’s new series, “Top 5 Psalms”, and Andrew’s new Spring Retreat Packet, “Let Your Colors Show”.

  3. Plug the website launch again -- Friday at 11am.

  4. Plug the AIM app

  5. Follow AIM on Twitter (@theAIMstuff) & Facebook

  6. Find us on Twitter (@eric_the_gray & @anglue18) & Facebook

  7. Join us next time, Tuesday April 29th at 1pm, when we will talk about “Ministering with and to parents”.

  8. You are doing a great work in youth ministry.

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