Episode 2: 10 Things You Should Do In Your First 2 Years of YM

Show Notes:

#10. Marry a woman that can order pizza

#9. Find all the good hiding spots in the church

#8. Take some time off

  • Take an off day.

  • Take a Vacation

#7. Get the teens involved with the congregation as a whole

  • worship services

  • Greeting

  • Visiting

  • Counting

  • Teaching

#6. Build a balanced calendar.

  • Plan out your year, at least the big stuff

  • Plan out your monthly stuff 3-6 months ahead

  • Try to limit spur of the moment activities

#5. Find a YM mentor. Meet regularly. Pick his brain.

#4. Love those you are called to minister to.

  • Love your students.

  • Love their parents.

  • Get parents and other adults involved in the YM

Be intentional about building strong relationships with parents.

Four questions to ask yourself:

  • Am I spending so much time to teach them that I don’t really know them?

  • Am I so busy with the “doing” of YM that I’m not investing in the very lives and stories that are sitting in my youth group?

  • Do I really know the hurts, needs, and longings of the people I’m ministering to?

  • Am I helping them to see, know, and draw closer to Jesus?

#3. Teach the Bible!

  • Teach the truth in love.

  • Don’t get so caught up in current trends and behavioral issues that you forget to teach the Word.

#2. Continue to learn.

  • Bible study

  • Read other books (books on YM, speaking, commentaries, devotional books, etc.)

  • Conferences/lectureships

  • Podcasts, audio sermons

#1: Trust God.

Thanks for listening to the podcast