Episode 1: 10 Things You Should NOT Do In Your First 2 Years of YM

Show Notes:

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Here are show notes from Episode 1.

  • Things you should not do in your first 2 years of YM

    • Don’t let the kids convince you to play Ultimate Frisbee in a Lighting Storm

    • Do not stay up all night before driving a group of teens home from camp the next day.

    • Don’t throw a lock-in with no help (Ryan and I and 40 teens)

    • Do not make radical changes (adding & cutting programs)

    • Do not try to be your students’ best friend. BE their YM. Be an adult.

    • Don’t always say YES

    • Don’t spend all your time in the office. Don’t spend all your time out of the office

    • Don’t reinvent the wheel (look at what is already in place…it might help you)

    • Don’t write off that kid that everyone told you was a problem.

      • Don’t make preconceived judgements on students (listen to what others have to say, but listen to your students as well)

    • Don’t make the parents look bad; they are your greatest asset (win them over)

      • Don’t teach a parenting class

      • Don’t forget you aren’t the parent.

    • Don’t forget you still have your own family to take care of

    • Don’t try to be like the last guy…you aren’t him

    • As Journey would say, “Don’t Stop Believing”

      • Don’t stop believing in yourself.

      • You’re going to receive criticism, but that doesn’t have to destroy your ministry.