Episode 52: Staying Flexible For Students But Structured For Parents



In episode 52, Eric & Andrew talk about staying flexible in planning and on trips, but also being structured enough so parents stay on board with you. Students love spontaneous. Parents aren't so crazy about it. So what do we do? Listen to get some good advice. 

Also check out a new teaching series called "The Heart of Kindness". Andrew talks about it at the end of this episode. Find it here --> http://adventuresinministry.com/kindness

Episode 51: Family Ministry w/ Casey Bearden

Episode 51: Family Ministry w/ Casey Bearden

In episode 51, Eric & Andrew talk with Casey Bearden about his youth ministry story, how God lead him to where he is today, and his role as a family minister. 

It's a great conversation with ideas about how to implement a family ministry at your church. 

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Episode 50: The Big 50!!!


The YM Podcast celebrates its 50th episode! 

Eric & Andrew discuss all the things that have changed since recording episode 1. Plus you need to hear their interviews with their most loyal(?) listeners... THEIR MOMS!!!

And since they are celebrating a big moment in the YM Podcast history, they also talk about moments to celebrate in Youth Ministry. 

Have you listened to all 50 episodes? Let us know and we'll give you a shoutout in episode 51!

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Episode 48: Ministering To Parents (Part 1)

In episode 48, Eric & Andrew talk about "Ministering With Parents". They discuss what they use to communicate with parents and different ways they minister to the parents of their students. 

We mentioned a few resources in the podcast...

Chad Landman's Website for Active Digital Parenting --> http://www.chadl.co/adp/

The Culture Translator --> https://axis.org/ct/

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Episode 46: Ministry With Children

In Episode 46, Eric & Andrew discuss what ministry is like before they had children and after they had children. They discuss how ministry gets better, but also the challenges of trying to work in youth ministry and raising a family. 

Whether you have children or not, you need to listen to this episode. 

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Episode 45: When Your Group Changes

Episode 45: When Your Group Changes


In episode 45, Eric & Andrew discuss how to handle when your group changes. It happens every 4 years. How can you keep good relationships with all of your kids, not just the ones you bonded to when you first moved? How can you keep your ministry fresh and continue to have kids buying in to the youth ministry program? The guys give some advice and share what's on their heart. 

Listen here --> http://adventuresinministry.com/ympodcast/045

Episode 44: What We Love & Hate About Youth Ministry

Episode 44 - What We Love & Hate About Youth Ministry

In episode 44, Eric & Andrew make YM Podcast history! For the first time ever, the guys got to record together, in person. They were also joined by two guests - Philip Jenkins & Jared Criswell. 

The group discussed what they love and hate about youth ministry. It gets real. And there's a lot of laughs.

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Episode 43: Summer Planning

In episode 43, Eric & Andrew discuss why you should start planning your summer right now. They discuss establishing goals for your youth group for the summer, how to balance fun & spiritual events, keeping costs for events in mind, and the most difficult of all - being balanced in spending time with your students and with your family. 

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