AIM SERIES 2019: Better

The AIM Series for 2019 is all about Better, a Better Savior, that is. Jesus is better for pretty much everything, and He is the only one we should follow. Join our all-star cast of speakers as we dive into the book of Hebrews and see what really being better is all about.

01 // A Supreme Son

Chad Landman

Spoiler alert! Jesus wins. He is supreme, he is better. This intro video will discuss Hebrews 1 and how significant it is that Jesus is supreme.

02 // A Better Salvation

Jordan Abrams

What do we get with Jesus? A better salvation. Jordan takes on a journey and explains how we can drift away easily if we don’t watch out - learning lessons from Hebrews 2.

03 // A Better Savior

Andrew Phillips

Disappointment can be difficult, but we have a savior who will never disappoint us. Andrew Phillips tells of some of his experiences in some funny stories but shares how Jesus is our better savior from Hebrews 4-5.

04 // A Better Covenant

Justin Rogers

It is incredibly evident that Jesus has entered into a better covenant with us. Justin Rogers points out those ideas from Hebrews 3, 8 & 9.

05 // A Better Promise

Chase Surrell

People and promises will inevitably fail us. Christ won’t. Chase explains to us why His promises are better from Hebrews 6.

06 // A Better Possession

Travis Hartle

Jesus isn’t just new and improved, he’s the ultimate supreme. Travis Hartle takes us through some old video game memories and connects them to Hebrews 10.

07 // The Race Set Before Us

Jon Morris

Hebrews 12 is all about our race of faith. Jon Morris shares a personal experience as he gives us some points to ponder about our Christian race.

AIM Series 2018: This Is Church

Blessed  |  Kyle Butt

Kyle dives into Ephesians 1 to talk about all of the blessings we have in Christ Jesus. 

Saved  |  Rick Whittle

Rick dives into Ephesians 2:1-10 to help us appreciate the good news of the Gospel. 

Together  |  Philip Jenkins

Philip speaks about Ephesians 2:11-22 and reminds us that we should seek unity and togetherness in the Church. 

Growing  |  David Baker

David dives into Ephesians 3:14-4:16 and discusses what it means to grow in faith.

New  |  Casey Bearden

Casey dives into Ephesians 4:17-32 and discusses what it means to live a new life in Christ. 

Light  |  Brandon Edwards

Brandon dives into Ephesians 5 to discuss the difference between looking like light and actually being the light.

Submitting  |  Lonnie Jones

Lonnie discusses Ephesians 5:21-6:9 and what it means for members of a family to submit to one another. 

Victorious  |  Andrew Itson

Andrew finishes our study of Ephesians in chapter six and the victory we find in Jesus. 

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The AIM Series 2017

This year we have eight awesome videos for you of some dynamic speakers that will light up the Word of God for your youth group. Below you'll find YouTube and Download links for your convenience - all for FREE. We hope you enjoy the 2018 AIM Series!

Links and video list updated August 9, 2017. If you notice any broken links or something doesn't work correctly, contact us on our Facebook page

I AM The Way  Lonnie Jones

Sometimes there's only one way to do things. Lonnie Jones tells us why Jesus is THE only Way. 

I AM Forgiven  Jerry Elder

Forgiveness is free. Jerry Elder explains why forgiveness may be the greatest gift of all. 

I AM Redeemed  Jeremy Hinote

We may claim redemption in various things in this life, but Jeremy Hinote tells us why the most important thing is to be part of the Redeemed. 

I AM Lost (without Jesus)   Alex Courington

Being lost is never easy, especially when it's without Jesus.

I AM The Light   Malvin Sanders

Jesus is the light that illuminates the darkness. 

I AM The Life  David Shannon

There's only one path, and that's through Jesus. 

2016 AIM Series  LEGIT FAITH

We're excited to present the 2016 AIM Series to you. Below you'll find all of the videos - you can download them directly in 720p HD, or view them on YouTube. Please let us know how much your group liked them by liking our Facebook page!

LONNIE JONES   Trials / Temptations

Lonnie Jones kicks off the AIM Series for 2016 with an appropriate topic from James 1.2-18: Trials and Temptations. 

SCOTT BAILEY   Hearer / Doer

Scott Bailey teaches us from James 1.19-26 that we must actually DO something with our faith. 

KYLE BUTT   Judgement / Mercy

Kyle Butt talks from James 1.26-2.13 about how mercy always triumphs over judgement.

SCOTT UTTER   Faith / Works

Scott Utter teaches from James 2.14-26 about having a faith that is working. 

JEREMY GARGIS   Blessings / Curses

Jeremy Gargis talks from James 3 about how even when we are cursed, we're blessed. 

RICK WHITTLE   Selfishness / Submission

Rick Whittle speaks from James 4 about our "selfie" attitude that we have sometimes. 

J.D. SCHWARTZ   Time / Money

J.D. Schwartz talks to us from James 4.13-5.6 about the importance of using our time and money to glorify God.

DAVID SHANNON   Patience / Prayer

David Shannon closes out the 2016 AIM Series by talking about patience, prayer, and our endurance with the two. 


The AIM Series is an 8-video series focusing on the book of Philippians. If it's one thing that Paul teaches us in the book of Philippians, it's to AIM HIGHER, to aim for Jesus. He is the standard by which we should live our lives. This video series will highlight several passages from Philippians from some phenomenal speakers. Download or view the videos below!

TO DOWNLOAD VIDEOS: Right-click the download button and hit Save As or Download Linked File

We've also provided you with a Discussion Guide for all the videos in one convenient document. These have lesson outlines and discussion questions to aid you in a classroom setting. 

AIM for Joy   Jeremy Hall

Jesus and joy are not opposites. In this video, Jeremy Hall talks about Philippians 1.3 and how we can aim for joy in our lives. 

AIM for Life   Andrew Kingsley

What does baseball have to do with the book of Philippians? Watch and find out. Andrew Kingsley talks to us about aiming for life from Philippians 1.21.

AIM for Humility   Chuck Morris

What is humility centered on Christ? Chuck Morris talks to us about aiming for Christ-like humility from Philippians 2.3-8. 

AIM for Light   Andrew Itson

What does a Christian life that's aiming for light look like? In this video, Andrew Itson talks to us about aiming for that light from Philippians 2.15.

AIM for Righteousness   Philip Jenkins

What does it mean to be in a right standing with God? Philip Jenkins explains right living from Philippians 3.9.

AIM for Heaven   Jon Podein

How badly do you want to go to Heaven? Join us as Jon Podein talks to us about aiming for heaven from Philippians 3:20-21.

AIM for Peace   Andrew Howell

What could you want more than peace in your life? In this video, Andrew Howell talks to us about aiming for peace from Philippians 4.1-9.

AIM for Jesus   David Shannon

The very center of our bullseye in life must be Christ. David Shannon shows us what it's like to aim for Jesus from Philippians 4.13.